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Harnae SS22 Padel Racket


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Techton of Sweden Harnae is a drop-shaped padel racket designed by Swedish designers. Each individual racket is handmade with the highest precision. Not only the full carbon frame, every detail is applied by hand by professionals.

Harnae has a color combination of coffee and bronze gold. The matt color of the racket creates an incredibly stylish feeling. The stylish feeling in combination with gold emphasizes a luxurious experience that gives the rack its aesthetic details.

Harnae is created with a matte finish with slightly sharper hole edges, which results in you getting more grip when hitting the ball. This will help you further to generate spin and precision.

Harnae is a hybrid racket that suits the amateur and you who have taken padel to the next level. If you are looking for an easy-to-play rack that carries a lot of control and has a rewarding and large sweet spot, Militum is for you.

The wrist strap is made of a wider and more comfortable material instead of the traditional string. The racket comes with a padded racket case to protect the racket against temperature differences.

Techton of Sweden Harnae is developed in Sweden together with padel players to achieve the best possible performance - to make sure that you can feel completely confident on the court.

Our concept: Maximum performance, with expressful design.

Technical specification: 

Frame: 100% Carbon Fiber
Hit surface: 3K Carbon Fiber 
Shape: Drop
Finish: Matte
Hit surface pattern: Hexagon grooved
Core: EVA Rubber Foam ™
Profile: 38 mm
Weight: 360 gram (+-5)
Hardness: 15 of 21




Drop-shaped racket is often called hybrid and gives a great mix between the different playing styles. The shape is a mix of the round racket and the diamond-shaped racket. This makes it a great racket for the most players and playing styles.


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